McKhaos Magick

Husband and Wife Metaphysicist and Mystic Team Offering Both Light Work and Dark Magick to Fulfill All Magickal Needs


McKhaos Magick is the husband and wife team of Jeannie and Alexander McKhaos who offer both right hand and left hand path items and services. We are glad you are here. We would love to help you manifest all that your head wants and your heart desires.

Jeannie McKhaos

Jeannie is the right hand half of McKhaos Magick. She specializes in crystal therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, radiesthesia, and sound therapy. Jeannie designs custom crystal therapy kits, custom aromatherapy oil blends, and performs custom distance healing or candle service to manifest your intention.

Alexander McKhaos

Alexander is the left hand half of McKhaos Magick. Alexander specializes in the rune and sigil magick, hexes and curses, protection magick and divination. He can design custom sigils or bindrunes, cast or remove a hex/curse, fashion a fetish for power or protection, perform a full ritual service to manifest your desires, or perform a divination to answer your burning questions on whatever topic you seek clarity.

McKhaos Magick

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